Many tourists who come to rest in Kyrgyzstan and on the Issyk-Kul coast often do not know how the guest house differs from a private hotel. Some naively believe, that difference between them at all there is no. But it is not.

The guest house has a number of characteristics that make it similar to a home stay. Guest houses are usually private cottage houses. Their owners rent rooms or the whole house. Most often, the owners live in the same house, but on a separate floor.

Unlike hotels, guest houses are not controlled by many government agencies. The owner makes the layout of the house, the number of floors and rooms (rooms) at his discretion. But, as a rule, the number of floors of the guest house does not exceed 2-3 floors, and the number of rooms 20-30. The territory of the house is usually small, most of the area is occupied by the house itself. Though there is the guest house, where the territory has a swimming pool, children’s Playground, areas.

The maintenance of the guest house and the service of guests is much cheaper than the maintenance of the hotel. This is due to the fact that the guest house is not subject to the rules and requirements applicable to hotels. For example, the status of the guest house does not oblige to assign and coordinate with the controlling structures of the star. In addition, sanitary and epidemiological requirements are not prescribed for guest houses. Tax rates for guest houses are much lower than for hotels. Therefore, the prices for rest in guest houses are much lower than in hotels.

In guest houses usually stop people coming on vacation, often family.

According to the level of service and quality of tourist services, modern guest houses are not inferior to hotels, and in some cases even surpass them. This is due to lower maintenance costs than hotels. The owners use the resulting profit for the arrangement, investing all their efforts to make their house look more attractive than its competitors. Many guest houses create conditions for a comfortable stay with children, providing cots, high chairs, strollers, etc.