About company

The name of our company is AKMP, for Asia Kyrgyzstan Marvelous Peaks (Asian Kyrgyz Wonderful Peaks). It was born from the interaction with foreigners who were curious to visit Kyrgyzstan. Opportunities quickly came on the way to organise a large scope of tours for the pleasure of everone. 

Because of our creative development human values, we propose more than standard touristic tours. Of course, we enjoy to open the gates to our natural resources and culture. But, we consider that each of us is a Peak of competence in our domain, ready to share with others. 

In the asset of our company AKMP, you will enjoy various fields of creativity that promote the well-being at every age in life. Known artists who are engaged not only in creativity, but also in art therapy. Writers who are known not only in our country, but also abroad. Poets, beginners and famous outside of our country. Stuntmen who work in Hollywood projects. Producers of tricks and fights, including theaters. Trainers of animals and birds. Famous athletes and martial experts. Singers and musicians known to a wide audience. Ethno-designers and masters of applied art. Healthy considered disciplines as Yoga. And of course the filmmakers.

At every time, we are glad to advise you about the tours that will offer you a large inspiration experience from our beautiful country and people.